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LSI Group ( Life Science Investments ) - UK ( www.lifescienceinvestments.com)


LSI Company Founded in 1999 in London by Dr. Christian Diehl, LSI is a pharmaceutical company focused on the area of dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

LSI Group intends to develop cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals oriented to the treatment and prevention of skin diseases and skin aging. Our goal is to offer healthcare professionals new, innovative, efficient and safe alternatives for prescriptions.

  • LSI, an active player in dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.
  • An international presence in over 70 countries.
  • 3 manufacturing sites (2 in Switzerland and 1 in Ecuador).
  • 1 operational base in Switzerland.
  • 5% of net sales dedicated to R&D.
  • Founded in 1999 in London (UK).

Countries that Faam Zarin is representing:

Iran - Turkey - Uzbekistan -Turkmenistan - Afghanistan



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