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Marino IbericaMed S.L. is a company stablished on early 2017 with a presence in Spain and headquarter in Barcelona , operates in the field of production and worldwide distribution of its products in the field of animal health and feed additive for poultry and pig.                                   

BIOTRADE is Italian company , was born in the mid of the 90’s with the purpose of providing natural products which could be able to improve animal health, the quality of animal products and to protect the health of consumers.

ENVISAL Gmbh is a German compay.  ENVISAL is a family company and relies on know-how paired with reliability and flexibility . Envisla's products quality and down-to-earth way of working are highly valued by our customers and form the basis for long-term and productive partnerships - in Germany and internationally . There is no evening in animal husbandry. Our field service is there for you around the clock and advises you on site in the stable - together we will find a solution.  



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